30+ Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Women in 2022

30+ Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Women in 2022

I am WOMAN, hear me roar! For the fiery lady in your life (even if that’s you), Born Wolf Designs invites you to check out our selection of clothes, accessories, and bundled easter gift baskets. Here’s your chance to enchant the adventurous, creative women you hold dear. We even have a family portrait package and frame options for those looking to capture their magical moments together. Cherish your favorite girl or mom… by showering her with gifts!

Here are some ideas for ya:

Sassy bachelorette or Loving Bride-to-Be

Wedding gifts? Or just because? Regardless of what brought you here, we have a lot of fun gift ideas this 2022 wedding season and beyond. Take a dive in this custom swimsuit, for instance. Perfect for that fiancé, bachelorette, or bride-to-be who loves the water as much as their partner. Paste their lover’s face polka-dot style over a one-piece bathing suit and watch them both giggle happily. You can also support maximum lounge or hang time with their smiling grin printed on a face mask, pajama shirt, or yoga shorts for all to enjoy.

Joyous Mom-to-be, Caring Mama, or Wise Grandma

If you want cute baby shower gift ideas for that future or current mama, Born Wolf Designs has items for babies, toddlers, and kids. Check out our ‘I Got It From My Mama’ toddler t-shirt while you’re here, it never disappoints. 

For the protective, mama bear in your life, snag a crop top in black, heather, or pink. If you need something a little warmer instead, we’ve got toasty ‘Mama’ sueded fleece hoodies for that too.

Here’s another idea, tell that special lady just how “hip” and cool you think she is by grabbing one of our cozy ‘Fly As A Mother’ sweatshirts that also looks fantastic with a pair of yoga pants. This sweatshirt comes in maroon, black, gray, dark blue, light blue, and pink. For that boy mom y’all know and love? We have a range of t shirts, crop tops, caps, and boy mom sweatshirts in several colors too!

Searching for sweet gifts a lovely grandma will like instead? We adore our grandmothers too! Born Wolf Designs honors queen mamas with this fluffy, 'Grandma' sweatshirt or ‘Glam-Ma’ accessory bag that she can keep her money, candy, sewing needles, or what-have-yous in.

Passionate Dog or Cat Mom

If the lady in your life adores the cuddles of a dog or cat fur-child, we’ve got some pet gift ideas for you. Get that woman a snuggly custom pet mug. Okay, the mug isn’t snuggly, but it will remind her how snuggly the beloved pup or kitty in her life is! Send Born Wolf Designs a picture of your favorite pet and we’ll get it right on the mug for ya. If she’s not that into drinking things or already has a ton of cool cups, get her an adorable 'dog mom' accessory bag, sweatshirt, or 'rescue mom' crop top instead. P.S. don’t worry feline friends, we haven’t forgotten ya. We also have some purrrty cute 'cat mom' sweatshirts and cat in your pocket t-shirts too.

Fierce Traveler or Adventure Queen

Some women love to travel and explore the great outdoors as much as they can. For that fearless adventurer in your life, get a rustic, camping wrap canvas which encapsulates a glowing night under the stars in the brisk mountains. Get creative and shield her eyes from the sun during hikes with a mountain icon hat that comes in blue, black, navy, gray, and red.

Bold queens everywhere will appreciate this fiery accessory bag, 'wild mama' hat, and 'wild mama' sweatshirt. If you sport this bold phrase proudly, no one can say you didn’t warn them about the attitude. For the hat, choose colors light blue, pink, camouflage, black, navy blue, forest green, or tan. The sweatshirt is bright pink, black, gray, dark heather, or gray.

Mix and Match Styles

Some women have several passions. Maybe the girl you’re trying to shower with love is a mix of all these types. People like a lil’ mix-and-match! Just choose with your heart and that special mama will feel all warm and fuzzy because you uncovered these special gifts for her in 2022. Cheers to making it count!

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