5 Enrichment Products for Your Pups

Do you ever sit down after a long walk with your pup and wonder how they could POSSIBLY still have energy? We have been there. Whether or not we went on a hike, our pup can still seem restless. Why? Physical activitiy isn't always THE solution to tiring your dog out. Mental stimulation plays a key factor in keeping your pet sharp, stimulated and satisfied. How could they possibly participate in mental activities? ENRICHMENT PRODUCTS! 

Any sort of interactive toy for your dog is great, but we are here to share our favorites

1. Snuffle Mat: Feed your pup meals with their snuffle mat. They will feel that they are digging and scavanging for food, this helps stimulate their brain activity and switch up their everyday routine. If you want to go BIG - check out this ultimate Snuffle Mat - hidden pockets and plenty of room to sniff.

2. Dog Lick Pad Mat: About to leave your home but want to be sure your pup is entertained and staying busy? Spread peanut butter onto this lick pad and they won't even notice you're gone. This is great for dogs who suffer with separation anxiety especially.

3. Interactive Treat Puzzle: Replace your pets boring old food dish with this interactive puzzle. Keep your dog thinking while they are eating - or even fill with treats.

4. Squeaky Puzzle Toy: For the sweet fur babies who are not food motivated! Let your dog search for the cute little squirrels velcroed and hiding in their tree. 

5. Interactive Treat Dispensing Puzzle: If your pet can be trusted alone with toys and treats - get them THIS and they will be entertained the entire time you are away. Fun, interactive AND treats? A doggy's dream!


A dog-parent favorite If you want to spy on your pet while you're away - pick up a Furbo and feed them treats throughout the day while you're at work or out to dinner. If the Furbo breaks the bank - grab an off brand, like Faroro.

We know you made it here because you love to spoil your pet like we do. Let us know which item we listed was a hit - or if you have any other great product ideas, please comment below!

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