Kauai, Hawaii for a Week

Does it get much better than a romantic trip to Hawaii? Whether you're going with friends, family or your love - you're guaranteed to have a memorable and magical experience. We're her to help you find your way with ease and fun.

Day 1

  • Rent A Jeep
    • You never know what kind of terrain you may experience on your Hawaiin adventure. Better to be safe than sorry. 
    • ... make sure to Jeep on Jeepin' on!
  • Stay in Hanalei Bay, Specifically, Hanalei Bay Resort
    • If you're looking for a peaceful week with gorgeous views, I could not recommend staying here enough.
    • There's a quick walk down a private path to a low-traffic beach. It was DREAMY.
  • Dinner at Happy Talk Lounge
    • Enjoy a local dinner without having to leave the resort. Live music every night, local favorites and two kitties to welcome you!
  • Fire By The Moonlight

    Day 2

    • Hike Na Pali Coast
      • Unfortunately, my husband and I were unable to participate in this hike as reservations are required prior to your visit and we did not read that anywhere online. Make your reservation here. We hope you enjoy the breathtaking views of this hike.
      • Hanalei Poke For Lunch
        • Eat as much poke as your heart desires - every place is as good as the next, but Hanalei Poke was specifically DELICIOUS. Bonus - it's in an adorable food truck!
        • Explore Hanalei Bay
          • Shop around Hanalei Bay for the afternoon, there are local shops all within walking distance from Hanalei Poke.
          • Indulge in Shaved Ice
            • Eat as MUCH shaved ice as your heart desires, too. We had two favorite places; Wishing Well Shave Ice - North Shore (they have stylish products to shop while you enjoy!), and Wailua Shaved Ice - East Shore (also surrounded by pop-ups to bop in for shopping). 
          • Hit The Pool
            • Make sure to take advantage of the uniquely crafted pool at Hanalei Bay Resort, swim up bar and all.
          • Dinner At Makana Terrace
            • Enjoy a romantic dinner that's walkikng distance from the resort!
            • * Take the path to the beach and enter through the pool at Princeville Resort, make your way up to the 9th floor for a drink and a view before dinner on the terrace. Get there before sunset so you can enjoy at peak sunset! 

              Day 3

              • Take In The Breathtaking Views at Waimea Canyon
                • You will be spending a full day on the complete opposite side of the island from Hanalei Bay, pack snacks and plenty of water!
                • Listen to the history from a local while taking in these breathtaking views. 
                • .. and Have a Nice Day!
              • More Fish for Lunch
                • Pick up lunch for the beach at the Koala Fish Market - so many delicious options. 
              • Head Over to Polihale Beach
                • *This is where your jeep comes in handy* Take the off beaten path out to Polihale Beach and enjoy the day there. This beach is a low traffic beach, we were one of maybe five groups there.
                • The waves are fun to ride and the views are easy on the eyes.
              • Swing by Hanapepe Town on Your Way Back to the Resort
                • Hanapepe is a quaint town - actually where the inspiration for Lilo and Stitch came from!
                • Banana Patch Studio (ceramics) is worth stopping by and grabbing a unique and artistic gift - they ship to the main land!
              • Wailua Shaved Ice Pit Stop
                • This drive back is long and you deserve a treat! Wailua Shaved Ice is another favorite that we had at least five times in our week on Kauai.
              • Happy Talk Lounge for Dinner
                • That was a long day of exploring. No reason to force yourself to treck out again for dinner. Happy Talk was a perfect dinner spot for tonight - especially for how exhausted we were.

              Day 4

              • Queens Bath - Be Careful!
                • The trail is technically "closed" but explorers enter the trail to the right of the "closed" sign.
                •  The rocks are hard and sharp and the trail down is steep for beginners. Wear hiking boots!
              • Hanalei Bread Company
                • We ordered avocado toast and peanut butter, banana toast to go and were able to enjoy a picnic at the beach! 
              • Spend the Afternoon Snorkeling and relaxing at Tunnels Beach!
                • We brought our own snorkeling gear and snorkeled on our own. You will see plenty of people snorkeling on the beach - follow their lead.
                • Do NOT be that guy and stand on the coral reef and protect the reef by wearing coral reef safe sunscreen!
              • Dive Into the History and Traditions of Hawaii at a Luau
                • You can't go wrong where you participate in a Luau - go wherever is most convenient for you.
                • Luau's are unique - you eat local food, partake in a show and learn the history of Hawaii and how it was founded.
                  • Luau's can be geared towards children, but I would recommend going if you have never gone before!
              • Lapperts Ice Cream
                • You'll probably want this more than once, so might as well start now.. AND it's on your way back to the resort. Win win!

              Day 5

              • Explore Kauai's Waterfalls
                • We visited both Wailua Falls and Opaeka'a Falls. This is an quick and easy activity. Visiting these waterfals does not require physical activity, but you can still enjoy the beauty of them.
              • Local Lunch at Pono Market
                • I had the Lau Lau, Macaroni and Potato salad and Poke - and I would get it all over again. 
                • You can order to go and enjoy your meal on the red picnic tables in front of Wailua Shaved ice.
              • You guessed it... MORE shaved ice
                • You can't not get it while you're RIGHT THERE. It's too good - explore more flavors and enjoy the scenery!
              • Shop Around Kapa'a
                • Bop in and out of the shops near by.
                • Stop by the NoKa Fair and grab a few Hawaiin memorabilia. The shops are cute and colorful, too.
              • Locally Recommended Dinner at Sushi Girl
                • Our server at Happy Talk recommended Sushi Girl as the best sushi and we wish we would have gone earlier. 
                • There are cool shops in this area to visit while you're waiting for your sushi.
              • Visit Kilauea Lighthouse Before Sunset
                • The Lighthouse closes at 7 PM, but it's worth stopping by quickly after dinner.
              • Watch the Sunset with Locals
                • After visiting the lighthouse, turn around and drive back up the road. Where the foiliage opens up and you can see the Na Pali Coast, park your car, turn the lights off and enjoy a moment of stillness.

                Day 6

                • Start Your Day Off at Secret Beach
                  • This low-traffic beach is STUNNING. It's a treck down, so I would recommend wearing durable shoes for this beach.
                  • We set up our hammock and enjoyed the afternoon with the Kilauea Lighthouse in the distance.
                • Final Lunch of the Trip - Make It A Good One.
                  • Grab a bite of classic Hawaiin dishes at the Sleeping Giant Grill. My husband is still raving about their fish tacos.
                • Couples Massage and Facials
                • Pool, Beach and Shower
                  • After our massages (did I mention these are on the beach?!), we received pool passes from Alexander Day Spa and relaxed by the pool, before catching our flight.
                • And that's a wrap!
                  • The red-eye wasn't that bad. We slept, watched movies and arrived in Denver to pick up our puppy before napping all day.


                Born Wolf Designs hope you enjoy every minute of your trip! It was a magical week for us. With the products from our shop, we were able to stay cool and organized throughout our trip. Click on the photos featured above within the page or below to shop.

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