A gray sweatshirt that says "MERRY" and a burgundy sweatshirt that says "Full of Holiday Spirits" with a martini glass, with mugs, tinsel and other holiday decorations. A flat lay image.

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Born Wolf Designs

Born Wolf Designs

Born Wolf Designs

This is an image of a boxer illustration, created as a Custom Made Companions powered by Born Wolf Designs.

Now Introducing.... 'Custom Made Companions'

Born Wolf Designs has created a sister account to shop and browse our custom designs - specifically of pets! Our new sister account is called, Custom Made Companions. We create illustrations of your favorite fur baby. Available to purchase digitally, print onto apparel, coffee mugs, ornaments, stickers and more!

Follow along with our Instagram for adorable pet postings and creative gift ideas for your pet loving loved ones.

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What do we offer?

Our mission at Born Wolf Designs is to offer comfortable, fashionable, sustainable and charitable clothing and accessory items. We, at Born Wolf Designs, strive to create products that inspire and empower you and your loved ones. Not only do we have a variety of nature and motivational products, but we also create custom designs for your dogs, cats, and more, with passion and excitement in each product. 

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