How Do You Plan Celebrate Earth Day?

 Happy Earth Day to you all! How are you planning to celebrate Earth Day this year? At Born Wolf Designs, we are passionate about our planet while providing our 'Wolfpack' with as many eco-friendly products as possible. We're here to share with you a few tips and tricks on how to best impact our planet this Earth Day. Enjoy!

    • Continue to practice your eco-conscious habits: reduce, reuse and recycle.
      • If this is something you have never spent much time learning about, head over to this link and spend an hour reading about how you can best reduce your carbon footprint. The Earth will thank you!
    • Pick up trash near your home.
      • If you live in a city, take a garbage bag on a 10+ minute walk and pick up every piece of trash you see. It will be surprising how quickly a garbage bag will fill up.
      • If you live in the country where there is less foot traffic and less trash, take yourself on a 10+ minute walk and use this time to reflect on how you can put your best efforts forward today and everyday.
    • Interact with indoor or outdoor plants.
      • If you live in an apartment and do not have the access to your own garden, tend to each of your indoor plants: clean their leaves, water them, check on their soil and if you're feeling it - tell them how pretty they are. Don't plants thrive on positive conversation? (Try it with humans, too!)
      • If you live in the country or suburbs and have a garden of your own, spend time in nature planting new flowers, pulling weeds, creating a new landscape. Get outside and enjoy your yard!
    • Take a walk outdoors.
      • Get outside, focus on your surroundings, focus on your breath and the fresh air. Make it an adventure if you have children. (Don't forget to keep your distance with other people).
    • Shop sustainable products if you plan to shop at all.
      • We offer eco-friendly products for those of you who enjoy shopping without negatively impacting the earth as much as you would when shopping fast-fashion.
      • Our products that are labeled eco-friendly are Bella and Canvas products, learn more about their process here.
    • Donate to a charity.
      • What are you passionate about in relation to the Earth? Are you passionate about animals, plants, humans? The ocean, the rainforest, the savannah? Whatever that is, please consider donating to something. If not financially, donate your time and efforts. We donate to charitable causes quarterly, reference our list if you need any direction.
    • Most of all, be sure to educate yourself on the importance of Earth Day and how humans can positively make a change in the direction our climate is headed. It's up to YOU to change it. Although we are encouraged to stay at home this year, we can still celebrate this holiday. 
Spread awareness, spread love, and let's save our planet.
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