Setting the Vibe for 2023 | Dream, Plan, and Live with Intention

Setting the Vibe for 2023 | Dream, Plan, and Live with Intention

Words are a powerful thing. The words you think, write, or speak into reality carry with them more power than most people tend to realize. They carry your intention, dreams, plans, and even vibrations. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, literal vibrations because the sounds you make send waves into the environment around you, however, their meanings also set the scene for the here and now. So, let me ask you this…what words are you sending out into the world? Are you accidentally spoiling the vibe with doubts or otherwise negative scenarios you’re manifesting?

It All Starts with You. Literally.

There are stone, cold facts about how a person’s mental energy affects their physical. What you think can affect your autonomic nervous system. The long and short of it? Negativity tells your body that things are at unrest. Certain chemicals release as the body prepares to defend against perceived harm. Why else would these waves of distress be coming from the brain?

Just like your hand automatically pulls away from a hot stove without you telling it to. This defense mechanism can also look like your muscles locking up, higher heart rates, and generally feeling fatigued, among other things. Being at peace translates to your physical body that all is safe, stand down and defend another day. This can translate to having more energy and even a more efficient metabolism.

Inspiring a Growth Mindset

A person’s ‘energy’ encompasses a lot of things, from thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and even tendencies. Just as people can get accustomed to new processes like those in a job or class, you can get accustomed to certain thought and action patterns for other things too. Like muscle memory and doing things without thinking and falling into a routine.

It’s important not to get wrapped up in the mantra of, “it’s just how I am or always been”, just because it may feel familiar or be all that you know. Time to rewrite your story. This is called ‘being intentional’. 

Having intention just means you meant to do the thing. You planned it. No more thoughts of “it’s too good for you” or that “you don’t deserve it”, because you do. These kinds of thoughts are, in reality, pulling you down into a self-fulfilling cycle. What’s worse, is the more you think about them the more you’ll have them.

Plot twist: you actually do deserve it all. If you can dream it, you can have it all with the right attitude and growth mindset. Living like this can get you places, and it all begins with YOU.

We’ve all felt some kind of way simply by revisiting a good or bad memory. Well, you’ve got to do that. But with the future too. And for only the good things. (Don’t worry, we’re getting to the part where we tell you how.) If you’re thinking it seems too easy that’s because it is. 

But just because something is easy doesn’t mean it isn’t real or true.

Who invented the phrase “Too good to be true?” anyway? Let’s start by throwing that mindset out forever. It’s stagnant and just flat out, not real.

Born Wolf Designs Can Help

All actions once came from a thought or feeling, and whether conscious or not…thoughts and feelings can sprout from dreams. It’s time to be more intentional with the words you let live inside your head. 

Time to clean house. 

Instead of waiting for good feelings or inspiration to come find you, why don’t you make it a little easier by calling out for it? Think about it often, say it out loud, and make it real by writing it down.

Well, we’ve got something for that. A very special New Year’s 2023 planner, in fact. 

As the world hurdles into 2023, everyone’s meticulously planning and getting ready to hunker down. Now is the “time” to be a better version, grind, and all that. While we argue that any time is the “right time”, why not start now?

This special planner brings your affirmations to life with daily inspirational quotes and other tools to help inspire more enjoyment within. Now it’ll be a little easier to walk through each day with intention. Make sure not to forget the little details while you craft a customized map of your very own. A path of your choosing to greatness and enlightenment. 

Think about it, what’s more intentional than creating a new reality in your head and putting it down in a designated notebook? We put a calendar on there to help you keep track too. Because one thing about being intentional, is removing all vagueness that can settle into inaction. You won’t just live a happier life someday soon; you’re going to do it tomorrow at 8AM. 

When positive affirmations mix with gratitude and detailed goal setting, you have a great recipe for raising overall energy and attracting positivity inside and around you. Just scribble it down before you forget!

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